Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short Film Ideas

Ideas are plentiful.

Not even a dime a dozen, though.

To create a longer script takes... I don't know... more words?

Short scripts are easy for me. Give me a theme or a page limit and I can cram it full of shiney stuff. Make it sing.

But stretching out the idea for 90 to 120 pages is painful. The words get tough and chewey. Like gristle. What fun is that?

But I am transforming "Where Nightmares Feed" into a feature script. Word by awful word. It doesn't sing yet. But it will.

It must. Or any festival buzz will be lost.



Grace DeWitt said...

Have you decided how it will start? Will it start the same way it did in the short animation and then go deeper into why the creature is stalking and trying to kill her?

I'm you're longer animation will be amazing.

Pete Sleeper said...

Thanks, Grace, for all your comments!