Thursday, February 5, 2009

11 second club Placement

Well... I didn't make the top 25... or the top 50
... or the top 100...

I was 123 out of 128.


Even the ones I gave my highest marks to did not perform well overall.

Most of the comments had to do with the "limited animation" and how quick and unclear the ending was.

I am NOT an animator's animator.

I'm still doing one for this month. And hopefully one for next month.

I'm not going for complete animation domination.

I am going for entertainment.

The competition just gives the entertainment some framework.



V said...

hey !
thanks a lot for the comment yo left on my blog ^^
makes me feel like some people are actually enjoying my work !

thx and keep up with your own stuff ^^

Grace DeWitt said...

Well, you can't always trust critics. I think you've definitely got the entertainment part down. I really liked the robot one.

Cam Kendell said...

Sorry to hear about your placement. Keep going at it, you've got great ideas!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

I agree, your ideas are entertaining so just keep submitting your work. You never know what the judges will like from one competition to the next. Just keep working.

After my last rejection from a juried show an artist friend of mine reminded me that the no I got was one step closer to a yes.